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Volunteering with LA CENTRE for Active Seniors will provide you with an opportunity to connect with new friends, contribute to the senior community, and engage in a variety of volunteer positions.

Volunteering Benefits for LA CENTRE Members

Your involvement enriches the lives of our members in ways no one else can. Through you, members can:

Keep in touch with their community

Anticipate and look forward to a fresh outlook

Develop a new interest or awaken an old one

Participate in activities the member would not otherwise take part in

Enhance the joy of friendship

Develop a meaningful relationship

Volunteering Benefits for You

Through volunteering, you can:

Receive Orientation and Training

Realize the joy that comes from making a difference to another person

Promote a sense of belonging

Develop communication skills

Share your skills and abilities and learn new ones

Enhance your creativity

Develop organizational skills

Gain experience, knowledge and confidence

Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS)* will be reimbursed upon completion of 50 volunteer hours


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