Managing Stress during COVID-19

How to Manage Stress During Coronavirus:

Psychology Tools:|
FREE Guide to Living with Worry and Anxiety amidst Global Uncertainty

Waterloo CBT Clinic:
Tips for Coping During COVID-19

Valley Centre for Counselling:
A Practical Evidence-Based Self-Help Program for COVID-19-Related Worry and Low Mood

This Way Up:
FREE Access to Mental Health Courses during COVID-19

Calm Together:
Activities to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Mental Health and the COVID-19 Pandemic|

CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
Stress and Coping

Between Sessions Resources:
Managing Your Mood While Observing Social Distancing
Free Worksheet

GTA Distress Centres:
Phone: 416-408-4357

Toronto Seniors Helpline:
Phone: 416-217-2077

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